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Mysterious Baikal

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1 DayWooden architecture of historical Irkutsk

Arrival to Irkutsk airport/ railway station and hospitable meeting by a local guide.Transfer to the hostel and walking excursion to historical center of Irkutsk. You'll visit the place where Irkutsk was founded at the confluence of two Siberian rivers: Irkut and Angara. The place is framed by three churches, two of which are Russian orthrodox with golden domes and outer wall paintings and the third one is Roman Catholic.  You will have a lunch at one of the local cafees were you could try some dishes from national Siberian cuisine. After lunch you'll take a walk along the streets of old wooden Siberian houses, decorated by curved doors and windows. You'll also have a chance to take a look on a central market which is a kind of typical Siberian bazaar. 


Overnight at the hostel. Included meals:  L

2 Day Trekking along the shore line of Lake Baikal
Transfer by minivan from Irkutsk to small Buguldeika village located at the picturesque bay of the Western shore of Lake Baikal. (230 km drive, paved road, it takes about 3 hours to get there). On the way there we will have a lunch stop at one of the local cafes were you may try several dishes of traditional Siberian cuisine. Upon arrival to Baikal Lake we will prepare our backpacks for the trekking trip and already today start hiking along cost line northwards. For today we will cover a distance less than 5 km and set up tent camp at the cozy bay, where you could relax watching Baikal waves splashing and enjoy the dinner cooked over campfire.

Overnight: Tent camp. 
Included meals:  B-L-D


3 Day Trekking over cliff
After breakfast you will start a backpacking trip along coast line of Baikal Lake, this day covering 20 km through the Baikal National Park. Following North-East direction we will go through taiga forest and then by shore line of Baikal Lake by passing numerous cliffs. Trail next to the shore line is very narrow and curved, mostly used by local animals like deer. Your hiking this day will finish in the scenic fold on the shore of Baikal, which will generously share with you its mighty energy.

Overnight: Tent camp.  Total trek distance about 18 km.
Included meals:  B-L-D


4 DayHiking through the water
Right after breakfast you will ascent a gorgeous cliff from top of which a wonderful panoramic view of Lake Baikal opens. After a short stop for taking pictures you will descend this cliff by the steep slope and continue trekking on the very shore of the Lake. Lunch en-route. To avoid climbing over one of the heist cliff you should be prepared to cover one short distance (about 8-10 meters) right across the water. Closer to the evening you will see a beach with colored black sand and right after it a picturesque bay were you’ll stop for overnight.

Overnight: Tent camp. Total trek distance 22 km. Included meals:  B-L-D


5 DayAncient rock-drowings at the Sagan-Zaba cliff
In the morning will pick up our camping equipment and continue hiking northwards. At this place trekking route leaves shore line and runs through the plateau next to Baikal Lake. The trail goes along a forest road to the several salt lakes in steppe, were you can have a refreshing swim. After that we will have lunch prepared over campfire near forest creek. Continue trekking down creek valley to the Baikal Lake where we will reach famous Sagan-Zaba Bay. (At the language of native people it means White Rock and this place for hundreds of years has been sacred for locals). In this bay located white-marble cliff on which you can find ancient inscriptions of dancing shamans with horns, deer and birds. Our guide will help you to find them on rock surface and you will have a wonderful opportunity to take excellent pictures for your collection. Dinner will be served next to evening campfire.

Overnight in tents. Total trek distance about 19 km.
Included meals:  B-L-D



6 Day Amazing panoramic view from Shibite mount
After breakfast continue your trip to Birhit bay. Here you will see an old house and hopefully meet some native people of this area -  Buryats who make their living by catching Baikal fish. Stop for lunch near a beautiful creak. Continue your trip to the valley of the Anga River. Near the river‘s delta you will undertake an easy ascend to the Shibite Mountain top that used to serve as an observation platform and light signal spot. From here there is a fantastic view over surroundings. Around a top of this mountain you can find ancient stone-made walls. Scientists have found that this mountain was a sacred place for locals many years ago.
After that we will cross Anga River by bridge and hike to the campsite, which is located at the top of the rocky cliff with a marvelous panoramic view to Baikal Lake.

Overnight in the tents, total trek distance about 22 km. Included meals:  B-L-D

7 Day Sagan-Zaba bay
After breakfast we will pack our luggage to the minivan (which will come here early in the morning) and have a drive to the main road through Tageran steppes. Today you will see place known as valley of Stone Spirits. There is a big number of different funny shaped rocks standing at the middle of plateau of Tageran steppe. Local legend tells, that they are ancient warriors, turned into a stone by the main spirit of this area. 
Transfer back to Irkutsk with a lunch stop in a road café, probably it will take us about 3 hours to get there. Arrival to Irkutsk city late afternoon,  accommodation at the private double room of Trans-Sib Hostel. Free time for a city exploration and souvenir shopping.

Included meals:  B-L

Click here to see more photos taken along the route of Mysterious Baikal Trek

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Map of the trip

map of the trip